#22 Brian, Lisa, Jamie & Leah

I could not find much background for this story on Wikipedia.

I guess I will just have to wing it.

Four great sports stories.  You might remember some of them.

Brian was a baseball player.  He started out a little weak, but ended strong. 

I am not sure where the all star games were that year.  I think it was Fallbrook.

All I really remember from those games 28 year ago is that he kept making plays at second base and he kept getting on base somehow;  Maybe not a headliner, but steady as always.  A great team player.

Lisa was a baseball player.  Although she minored in other sports, I still remember her on the mound.  Perhaps not a great pitcher but a competitor for sure.  She had a great arm, and a slashing swing: A pretty tough kid….. Always a pretty tough kid to this very day.

Jamie was a baseball player; and of course a water polo player; a really great arm.  And I suppose a great swimmer.  Not sure what goes into the dedication she had, but you have to admire her ability to show up every day and work so hard.  She was a great team player too, in a pool where there were other stars around her.  She quietly made her mark, and continues to be a humble athlete.

Leah had a great attitude.  Maybe sports were not her thing, or so she thought.  If she had ever caught the wave, she probably would have been tough to beat, at almost anything. 

I played all kinds of sports growing up, from baseball to football, to track and golf.  Sports were my focus….at least until girls came along. 

As a father I was blessed with four kids who shared my love for competition, and I was able to share their wins and their losses.

This is one of SSOMG’s favorite stories.  Maybe hard to find in the newspapers and on the internet, but these were the greatest sports stories of my generation.

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