#42 Miracle on Ice

SSOMG has another confession to make.  I have yet to watch an entire NHL Hockey game on TV.  Please don’t mention this to any of my Canadian friends; or even those from the eastern part of the United States. Let’s also admit that in 1999, Sports Illustrated, named the Miracle on Ice the top sportsContinue reading “#42 Miracle on Ice”

#34 Jimmy Carter

It’s funny but sometimes when I look back at people and events that occurred during my generation, it is almost as if I may have missed them completely.  Or maybe they happened, and were really big items, but I was distracted and not paying much attention.  Or maybe my memory is just not what itContinue reading “#34 Jimmy Carter”

#27 Meb Keflezighi

Since its inception in 1897, the Boston Marathon has never been cancelled.  Yesterday, April 20th, was to be the 123rd running of the Marathon.  The race, drawing over 30,000 runners, has now been postponed to September 14th.  It is hard to say at this point if the Marathon will go on as planned in September. Continue reading “#27 Meb Keflezighi”

#25 Karch Kiraly

Volleyball. Or, should I say Mr. Volleyball; a local hero in our own back yard.  Karch was born in Santa Barbara, attended UCLA, and now lives in San Clemente, CA. You say you’ve never heard of Karch Kiraly? (pronounced ‘kir-eye’) During his career at UCLA the Bruins won 3 national championships and finished 2nd once. Continue reading “#25 Karch Kiraly”

#10 Mary Lou Retton

SSOMG realized today that among the first 10 sports stories, we had not included anything about a female athlete.   It is time to fix that.  Although it may seem an oversight, keep in mind that during my generation, the sports scene was dominated by male athletes.   There were few sports at the professional level thatContinue reading “#10 Mary Lou Retton”