#25 Karch Kiraly


Or, should I say Mr. Volleyball; a local hero in our own back yard.  Karch was born in Santa Barbara, attended UCLA, and now lives in San Clemente, CA.

You say you’ve never heard of Karch Kiraly? (pronounced ‘kir-eye’)

During his career at UCLA the Bruins won 3 national championships and finished 2nd once.  Sheesh.

Karch led the US Olympic Volleyball team to gold medal victories in 1984 and 1988, defeating the Russians for the ’88 Gold. 

He was named the top player in the world in 1986 and again in 1988.  I am sure 1987 was just an off year…

After his 2nd gold medal performance Karch retired from indoor volleyball and became a beach volleyball player….not too bad either.

Karch won the 1996 Olympic gold in beach volleyball, becoming the only person to ever win gold in both indoor and beach VB.  Sheesh. 

And you say you have never heard of Karch Kiraly?

Kiraly is currently head coach of the United States Women’s national volleyball team.  As coach he led the women’s team to a Bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

As a footnote, he babysat Misty May-Treanor when she was a child….maybe she picked something up along the way? 

Karch has been inducted into every volleyball hall of fame there is, and I am sure it has been unanimous.



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