How SSOMG got started…

North Downey Lobos, circa 1961


So, here I sit at the kitchen table.  I have seen enough of the news for today regarding the Coronavirus.

The sun is starting to go down, and I realize that normally I would have the Padre game on, at least before dinner, just to stay in touch with baseball…but no games today.

No baseball to see if the Dodgers really have the best ball club in history, ever.

No golf, to see if Tiger can repeat last year’s stunning miracle at the Masters. 

No Final Four.  No Sweet Sixteen…even though the San Diego State Aztecs achieved the once-in- everyone’s lifetime season record of 34-2… 

No NBA playoffs to see if the Lakers will actually make it back to the finals.


No sports. 

They have even shut down professional bowling…. though bowling has been practicing social distancing for quite some time.

What now?

Well, I have decided to bridge the gap. 

Rather than sit around without sports, staring at a blank TV screen, or even worse, CNN updates, why not bring back some of the sports stories and sports heroes of years gone by, to keep us engaged? 

After all, I certainly have seen a generation of sports over the last 67 years.  Probably over 5000 baseball games and 4500 football games…..most of which the younger generations never saw and involving players and events they never heard about.

So here it goes….stories about players and teams and sports events to fill our pandemic-days.  

I will try to remember the facts and the faces, but hey, who knows….after all it’s not if they won or lost, it’s about how they played the game.

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