#31 The Streak

Well as you may have heard, opening day for the 2020 baseball season has been postponed; If Frank Robinson had just been so lucky.  Frank was one of the best baseball players of all time, a true hall of famer. But in 1988, Frank Robinson was in the Baltimore Oriole front office, helping direct theContinue reading “#31 The Streak”

#30 Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong will be 50 years old next year, God willing. 1n 1996, at the age of 25, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with stage-three testicular cancer.  After surgery and chemotherapy his doctors gave him “almost no chance” of survival.  When pressed at the time, the medical response was “perhaps as high as a 20% changeContinue reading “#30 Lance Armstrong”

#29 Steve Dalkowski

Steve who? So you may have just seen it if you were really paying attention to the sports page and trying to find a story that did not involve today’s NFL Football draft and the new LA Chargers quarterback. No, Steve Dalkowski has nothing to do with the Chargers or the draft. Steve died yesterdayContinue reading “#29 Steve Dalkowski”

#28 O.J. Simpson

OK.  I don’t think you are going to get this one. This is a story about OJ Simpson.  None of you were 15 years old in 1968 when OJ won the Heisman Trophy as the best collegiate football player of the year.  Most of you have other thoughts and opinions about OJ.  He ran intoContinue reading “#28 O.J. Simpson”

#32 Sandy Koufax

(In case you were wondering, this is only the 28th story from SSOMG, but it seemed appropriate to number this story #32 after the Dodger jersey that Sandy made famous). Sandy Koufax is 84 years old these days; starting to make even me feel old. I remember I was at a track meet in SeptemberContinue reading “#32 Sandy Koufax”

#27 Meb Keflezighi

Since its inception in 1897, the Boston Marathon has never been cancelled.  Yesterday, April 20th, was to be the 123rd running of the Marathon.  The race, drawing over 30,000 runners, has now been postponed to September 14th.  It is hard to say at this point if the Marathon will go on as planned in September. Continue reading “#27 Meb Keflezighi”

#26 Gary Carter

So you may have been wondering why I have yet to write about Gary Carter.  I have been thinking about it.  I wasn’t really sure what angle to take, or how to start the story.  Should I lead off talking about Sandy Lahm Carter, who I first met in the 6th grade at Laguna RoadContinue reading “#26 Gary Carter”

#25 Karch Kiraly

Volleyball. Or, should I say Mr. Volleyball; a local hero in our own back yard.  Karch was born in Santa Barbara, attended UCLA, and now lives in San Clemente, CA. You say you’ve never heard of Karch Kiraly? (pronounced ‘kir-eye’) During his career at UCLA the Bruins won 3 national championships and finished 2nd once. Continue reading “#25 Karch Kiraly”

#24 John Isner

Yikes. Talk about stamina and patience. A 3-day tennis match.  I am sure there is a lesson here, but I am not sure at this moment what it is. John Isner and Nicholas Mahut started their first round tennis match at the 2010 Wimbledon championship late in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 23.  After splittingContinue reading “#24 John Isner”

#23 Bill Mazeroski

Maz. Bill Mazeroski is probably another name you may have never heard.  Reality is, he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame; not for the moment that he made so famous and that forever will be remembered by the faithful fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He is in the hall as a result of beingContinue reading “#23 Bill Mazeroski”