#39 Eli Lyall

So, maybe you saw this one coming.

On the eve of his 6th birthday, it is time for a sports story about Eli;

Maybe not so much about his sports accomplishments to date, but more about his future and the potential of 6 year-olds everywhere.

Eli of course has some super powers.  He started throwing things at quite a young age, and became a regular rock thrower soon thereafter.  There was no rock too big or small that Eli could not throw.

He even received a bag of throwing rocks for Christmas.

He smashes and slashes yellow plastic balls off the batting tee with amazing grace.  Generally, he is not even looking at the ball when he swings, but is consistent in hitting them hard and far, generally while narrating the game and life around him.

Someone taught him to throw a Frisbee, and he has had that wired for some time.  You are fore-warned.

He runs as fast as those legs will allow, maybe faster.  He had a stop-watch, but not sure where that has ended up.

Rock climbing and swimming are on his list, and he is confident that he will soon be Olympic-ready in both.

Eli is only 6.  It makes you realize that kids this age have potential to do some things really well, especially if they have an interest and remain engaged. 

I am not saying that Eli will be a sport’s professional.  That road is narrow and long.  But given a chance and some quality time by those who care, who knows, all the places you’ll go.

SSOMG has seen some great athletes over the last 67 years.  Sometimes there is a fine line between great success and turning away from the game too soon.  Some kids have special gifts that put them ahead of the pack.  More often, it is the time and attention, and the participation with others, both peers and parent-types.  Eli is a Yellow Belt or a Red Belt in Karate now, which I think speaks to this point. 

SSOMG wishes Eli a happy 6th birthday and offers the eternal advice to keep swinging, and of course, when you get the choice to sit it out or dance……dance.

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