#17 SSOMG Takes a Time Out

It has been a busy week.

In addition to monitoring the future of the World, SSOMG has also been busy in the topsy-turvy world of real estate.   And now Easter is almost upon us; Not to mention the 7+ inches of rain over the last few days in Oceanside, CA.

Despite the fact we have no NBA playoffs nor baseball of any kind, and no Masters championship and no spring football drills, SSOMG has tried to maintain a life-line to the sports world.  There are many more sports stories to tell, and whether you like it or not, you will be hearing more from us tomorrow.  Maybe we will talk about baseball expansion teams, or Champagne Tony Lema, or the greatest athlete of all time, or maybe how little league got its start…..

So, time for a time out. 

SSOMG thanks you for tuning in to the first 16 stories, and looks forward to staying in touch.  Of course what we really look forward to is the sports-world, and the test of the world, as normal once again.  We pray for that and much more as we approach the Easter weekend we will never forget.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay safe and stay dry.

We love you all.


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