#37 Joe Namath

I realized today that I have written only a couple of stories about football, and only one about a professional football player (OJ Simpson) and even that story was mostly about OJ’s career at USC. So to be fair to one our Country’s favorite pastimes I decided it was time to highlight some football. JoeContinue reading “#37 Joe Namath”

#29 Steve Dalkowski

Steve who? So you may have just seen it if you were really paying attention to the sports page and trying to find a story that did not involve today’s NFL Football draft and the new LA Chargers quarterback. No, Steve Dalkowski has nothing to do with the Chargers or the draft. Steve died yesterdayContinue reading “#29 Steve Dalkowski”

#28 O.J. Simpson

OK.  I don’t think you are going to get this one. This is a story about OJ Simpson.  None of you were 15 years old in 1968 when OJ won the Heisman Trophy as the best collegiate football player of the year.  Most of you have other thoughts and opinions about OJ.  He ran intoContinue reading “#28 O.J. Simpson”

#17 SSOMG Takes a Time Out

It has been a busy week. In addition to monitoring the future of the World, SSOMG has also been busy in the topsy-turvy world of real estate.   And now Easter is almost upon us; Not to mention the 7+ inches of rain over the last few days in Oceanside, CA. Despite the fact we haveContinue reading “#17 SSOMG Takes a Time Out”

#16 The Immaculate Reception

So as we approach Easter Sunday, it made me think of a sports story that ended up having some religious overtones, with the play being coined the “Immaculate Reception”. Most sports fans, and certainly football fans, and for sure fans of the Pittsburg Steelers remember the pass reception by Franco Harris as one of thoseContinue reading “#16 The Immaculate Reception”

#13 Mr. Destiny

Tonight’s story is a takeoff on the 1990 Jim Belushi movie, Mr. Destiny.  Belushi plays a character who at the age of 35, is able to enter into time travel allowing him to return to the time of his final high school at bat, where, instead getting a hit to win the championship game, insteadContinue reading “#13 Mr. Destiny”

#4 USC vs. Notre Dame, 1974

Once in awhile you get lucky. I was born and grew up in Southern California in the 1950’s and ‘60’s and 70’s.  Lucky enough; could have been North Dakota, or Siberia for that matter. As a result I grew up an LA Sports fan.  At that time LA had some of the best professional andContinue reading “#4 USC vs. Notre Dame, 1974”