#63 Sports Camp 2020

Well, I must say, this was a good one.  Below was the schedule for first annual Sports Camp 2020:

Sports Camp 2020 Dates               Tues – 28th/Wed – 29th / Thurs – 30th       TIME

Tuesday Activities – July 28 – Camp Opening Ceremonies/Check-in                        

Bike racing                                          S. Oceanside                                      4:00pm

Batting Practice + drills                   S. Oceanside                                      4:30

Football Plays                                    S. Oceanside                                      5:00

Dodge ball                                           S. Oceanside                                      5:30


Screen Time                                                                                                  6:00 – 7:00

Outdoor meals/Pizza                                                                                      7:00

Campfire – Award presentation – Sports stories/biographies        8:00

Wednesday Activities – July 29th

Screen Time                                                                                                 7:00AM – 8:30

Depart                                                                                                                  9:00

Bouldering                                          Vista Sports Park                              9:30

Batting cages                                     Boomers Vista                                   11:00    

Lunch at In n Out, Vista                                                   12:30  

Kayaking                                              Oside Harbor                                      2:30       

Screen Time                                                                                                       5:30 – 6:30


Outdoor meals/Chicken Fingers                                                                 6:30       

Campfire – Award Presentation – Sports stories/biographies        7:30       

Thursday Activities – July 30th

Screen Time                                                                                                      6:30 – 8:00AM

Camp- Clean up                                                                                                8:15 – 8:45

Depart                                                                                                                 9:00       

Driving range                                                                                                     9:15 – 10:30

Track – 50, 100, 440, jumps         Lincoln MS                                          10:45 – 11:30    

Soccer                                                   Lincoln MS                                          11:30 –  12:15

Lunch Break                                        Boxwood                                             12:30    

Swimming                                           Alga Norte                                          1:00

Final Awards/Closing Ceremony Boxwood Way                                   2:30

Home to Pauma                                                                                                3:15

Yes, the three of us actually pretty much stuck to the schedule and completed Sports Camp, injury free, if not a little sunburned.  Eli was a trooper, with highlights of hitting his first pitches in a batting cage, hitting his first bucket of balls at the driving range, rowing a tandem kayak almost all the way out the harbor-mouth to the open sea, and riding many miles on his very small bike, including an off-road trail between the Vista Sports park and Rancho Guajome Adobe (and back). 

SSOMG certainly considers this a highlight of this very weird year, and is already planning Winter Camp 2020/21, with no idea of what that will look like; Maybe a road trip?  

Hopefully this week will long be one of the favorite Sports Story of His Generation.

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