#61 Uncle Jimmy

No, not that Uncle Jimmy; this is about a different Uncle Jimmy; the Uncle Jimmy you would wish for. So what do Bobby Lillis, Bill Monbuquette, Johnny Werhas and Gene Conley have in common?  That’s right, Uncle Jimmy. – Bobby Lillis was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1951.  He did not make the bigContinue reading “#61 Uncle Jimmy”

#58 Magic Johnson

OK, let’s see where did I leave off?  SSOMG has taken about a two week break as a result of moving out of my office and out to Pauma Valley and then back again to host Eli and Fox, and it has been just a good time to concentrate on other things that are happeningContinue reading “#58 Magic Johnson”

#51 Ann Meyers Drysdale

Lisa pointed out to me tonight that I have run amuck.  Until she pointed it out, I hadn’t realized that I had written only one story about a woman athlete.  On April 3rd I wrote a story about Mary Lou Retton.  The first sentence of that story starts with SSOMG apologizing that it had notContinue reading “#51 Ann Meyers Drysdale”

#21 Jerry Lucas

So here is one you probably haven’t heard, and never expected to hear about. Jerry Lucas. Here are the highlights of his amazing basketball career at Ohio State: He was a nationally awarded high school player (offered over 150 scholarships), national college star at Ohio State, and 1960 gold medal Olympian and international player beforeContinue reading “#21 Jerry Lucas”

#17 SSOMG Takes a Time Out

It has been a busy week. In addition to monitoring the future of the World, SSOMG has also been busy in the topsy-turvy world of real estate.   And now Easter is almost upon us; Not to mention the 7+ inches of rain over the last few days in Oceanside, CA. Despite the fact we haveContinue reading “#17 SSOMG Takes a Time Out”

#8 Bill Bradley

So, I have a confession to make.  I am not a book reader. Maybe I was when I was 8 or 10 years old, but since then it has been a struggle. I am quite sure Bill Bradley has read a lot more books than me.  In fact he has written a lot more booksContinue reading “#8 Bill Bradley”

Introduction to Sports Stories of My Generation

03-24-2020 So, here I sit at the kitchen table.  I have seen enough of the news for today regarding the Coronavirus. The sun is starting to go down, and I realize that normally I would have the Padre game on, at least before dinner, just to stay in touch with baseball…but no games today. NoContinue reading “Introduction to Sports Stories of My Generation”