#54 The Season of 37%

The what?

That’s right.  Get used to it.  From now until October we will be dividing everything by .37…

60 games; Today, at last a decision was made by all of the powers that be.  Major league baseball will head back to Spring (?) training by July 1st and professional baseball will resume by July 24th.   I wouldn’t bet the farm on it, but as of today, it looks like that is the goal.

So to try and put everything in perspective, 60 games is equal to 37% of the normal season game total of 162.  Thus, in order to see how the players are doing along the way, we need to divide everything by .37; The new math.

SSOMG is not a numbers whiz, but what this means is that if a pitcher wins 8 games during a 60 game season, it is equal to a 20-game winner during a normal 162 game season.  If Cody Bellinger hits 20 home runs during the 2020 season, it translates to a 54-home run year.  If the Dodgers win 38 of the 60 games played, that means they have a team record of 102 wins…

Keep your calculator close by….it will help. 

So, SSOMG is happy to see that the game will return.  Fans in the stands?  Not sure.  Other specifics?  All to come sooner if not later.

In the meantime I will spend my time trying to come with names for some of the baseball and football teams that no doubt will be saying good-bye to their old names, which have now become politically incorrect and no doubt will soon be corrected.  Perhaps it was short-sighted to name your club the Washington Redskins.  Of course the team was formed in 1932, almost a century ago.  The San Diego Padres came up with their nickname much more recently, but as Father Junipero Serra has discovered, there may be more complications in using the name then there was back then.  Along with the Padres will go all of the Native American teams, including the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians, and the Kansas City Chiefs.  We know now it is much wiser to name your club after an animal like the Cubs or the Bears or the Tigers or Orioles.  It also makes sense to pick a name which in the future will have little or no meaning at all, such as the Astros or the Lakers or the Dodgers.

Of course the jury is still out on the Cleveland Browns, who were named after their founder, Paul Brown, though today’s fans may not realize the origin.

So, SSOMG will likely continue with stories for another month as we await the first pitch.  Hopefully there are still some stories worth telling, and I will get to some of them.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas what to call the San Diego baseball team, please let me know.  Likewise, you might think about what to call the San Diego Aztecs, who will also need an animal, vegetable or mineral name…how about the San Diego Fair-Weathers….that seems to dodge politics…

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