#54 The Season of 37%

The what? That’s right.  Get used to it.  From now until October we will be dividing everything by .37… 60 games; Today, at last a decision was made by all of the powers that be.  Major league baseball will head back to Spring (?) training by July 1st and professional baseball will resume by JulyContinue reading “#54 The Season of 37%”

# 33 Bob Feller

Sheesh. This guy was amazing. Granted, he was on the very edge of what could be considered My Generation. But I didn’t want Bob to be left out. In 12 games that he pitched, he allowed only one hit; twelve one-hitters.  Obviously, he was one pitch away from making those 12 one-hitters into no-hitters.  ThoseContinue reading “# 33 Bob Feller”

#18 Tommy John

So as we enter Easter weekend, SSOMG thought it would be appropriate to tell the story of one, or actually two, of the greatest comeback stories in baseball, the story of Tommy John.  Tommy John pitched for 6 major league teams during his career and of course most notably for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  HeContinue reading “#18 Tommy John”