#41 Marco Siffredi

So SSOMG realized yesterday that there are a lot of sports that have not yet been mentioned in the first 40 stories that have been written.  Some of these sports, including bowling, ping pong, ice-dancing and gymnastics probably are worthy of consideration.  Another whole genre of sports also has been ignored…extreme sports.  Not knowing theContinue reading “#41 Marco Siffredi”

#40 The Indy 500

Well, no surprise here.  The Indianapolis 500.  The greatest spectacle in racing….a Memorial Day tradition, even for some of us who have never been to a race track and will probably never go.  SSOMG remembers some of the highlights and some of the names that have made the race famous, especially those over the lastContinue reading “#40 The Indy 500”

#39 Eli Lyall

So, maybe you saw this one coming. On the eve of his 6th birthday, it is time for a sports story about Eli; Maybe not so much about his sports accomplishments to date, but more about his future and the potential of 6 year-olds everywhere. Eli of course has some super powers.  He started throwingContinue reading “#39 Eli Lyall”

#38 Tiger Woods

SSOMG could not put together a list of Sports Stories of My Generation without including Tiger Woods, certainly one of the legends of our time. SSOMG touched on one of Tiger’s greatest victories in Story #15 – The Masters.  But Tiger’s story is much more than just his latest major-tournament victory.  Reading his life’s storyContinue reading “#38 Tiger Woods”

#37 Joe Namath

I realized today that I have written only a couple of stories about football, and only one about a professional football player (OJ Simpson) and even that story was mostly about OJ’s career at USC. So to be fair to one our Country’s favorite pastimes I decided it was time to highlight some football. JoeContinue reading “#37 Joe Namath”

#36 Tony Gwynn

Today would have been Tony Gwynn’s 60th birthday…unfortunately Mr. Padre passed away in 2014. As you know SSOMG has never been a huge Padre fan.  That being said, I probably have watched parts of more than 2,000 Padre games over the last 30 years (maybe more?) since moving to San Diego County. Many of thoseContinue reading “#36 Tony Gwynn”

#5 Sonny Liston

So I started this story way back in early April and decided not to finish it somewhere along the line.  Sonny Liston’s story was just pretty darn sad and unfortunate, and I thought, geez, we don’t need a sad and unfortunate story to go along with our sad & unfortunate situation.  Today I noticed thatContinue reading “#5 Sonny Liston”

#35 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

1965.  Back in those days Kareem was known as Lew Alcindor. 1965 was Kareem’s freshman season, and as was the standard back then, he played on the freshman team and not the varsity.  In a pre-season warm up game prior to the start of the regular season, the Bruins, ranked #1 in the country, playedContinue reading “#35 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”

#34 Jimmy Carter

It’s funny but sometimes when I look back at people and events that occurred during my generation, it is almost as if I may have missed them completely.  Or maybe they happened, and were really big items, but I was distracted and not paying much attention.  Or maybe my memory is just not what itContinue reading “#34 Jimmy Carter”

# 33 Bob Feller

Sheesh. This guy was amazing. Granted, he was on the very edge of what could be considered My Generation. But I didn’t want Bob to be left out. In 12 games that he pitched, he allowed only one hit; twelve one-hitters.  Obviously, he was one pitch away from making those 12 one-hitters into no-hitters.  ThoseContinue reading “# 33 Bob Feller”